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IP Migration

Analog and mixed signal IP is one of the fastest growing segments of the electronics industry but IP vendors and consumers are restricted when finding circuits in a common process. Re-designing circuits is slow and expensive and leads to IP vendors missing valuable licensing opportunities.  The need for an effective method of re-targetting IP is clear. 

IN2FAB's migration technology is the fastest way to move analog, mixed signal and custom digital,IP from one foundry or process to another.  From schematic transfer and early stage simulation to complete LVS and DRC clean layout, IN2FAB can deliver migrated IP in a fraction of the time taken for redesign and help IP vendors win license opportunities in the rapidly growing SoC market.

IN2FAB has migrated hundreds of circuits between processes and foundries for IP vendors and SoC designers.  From PLLs and bandgaps to complete PHYs and wireless cores, IN2FAB can convert IP in a fraction of the time taken for redesign.  

Schematic Migration Services
IN2FAB's schematic migration services provide a full conversion process to take existing circuits to a new foundry or process for design level simulation. 

Migrated circuits contain full symbol and model information from the target foundry and are delivered ready for testing simulation.  The full hierarchy of the circuit can be processed and all compenents and reference libraries mapped to the new process.

Circuit parameters are translated to meet the needs of the new PDK with core parameters in active and passive components adjusted to meet new rules.  Component sizes that exceed the rules in the new process are quickly identified and highlighted to designers for modification.

IN2FAB's fast and easy schematic migration services allow designers to test and verify circuits in new processes in a fraction of the time taken for redesign.
IP schematic migration 


Layout Migration Services
Analog layout migration is recognised as a huge challenge to the growing IP market. Differences between foundry PDKs as well as increasingly complex design rules mean that engineers usually redesign their circuits each time a new process is required.

IN2FAB's layout migration services remove the bottleneck in custom circuit migration, allowing IP vendors to deliver their circuits in almost any process.

Migration services can use Cadence or GDSII databases and the translated database retains the hierarchy and topology of the original circuit.  Complex database objects including Pcells, vias and ROD objects are translated and retained to deliver a design that retains the full integrity of the original circuit.  
IP layout migration 

Schedules are dependent on specific foundries and IP complexity but sample schedules for a completely migrated database are:

  • Standard IP - PLL, PoR, Bandgap etc.
1 - 2 weeks
  • Intermediate IP - ADC, DAC etc.
2 - 4 weeks
  • Complex IP - PCIe, MIPI, HDMI, USB, etc.
4-12 weeks

For IP vendors, IDMs and fabless companies, IN2FAB's migration technology is the fastest and most accurate way to migrate silicon IP to new foundries and processes.

Bandgap pre and post migration views, origin 130nm, target 90nmBandgap pre and post migration views, origin 130nm, target 90nm

Bandgap pre and post migration views, origin 130nm, target 90nm


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