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IN2FAB announces new location in the United States


New offices serve North American customer base.  

Portland, Maine, June 1st 2016. IN2FAB announced the opening of a new North American office to support and expand its existing business.  The centre will operate in conjunction with the company's existing facilities in Europe to provide a base for expanded operations.  Located in the New England semiconductor region, the new center will concentrate on providing technology that solves the complex problem of migrating semiconductor IP between foundries and processes.

"We have been working with companies in North America for many years" said IN2FAB's President, Timothy Regan. "Our new facility brings us closer to our customers which will help us work with their design teams and expand operations.  Although semiconductor design is an international business, having an office in the United States is an important step in the deployment of our industry leading design migration tools and services".

New manufacturing processes continue to be developed, bringing new challenges to engineers.  IN2FAB's OSIRIS migration technology has consolodated IP migration at the 28nm node and is now poised to deliver circuits in advanced FinFET processes.  The new location allows IN2FAB to collaborate more closely with customers using emerging technologies in addition to those who need to migrate IP to more established processes.

The semiconductor industry relies on analog and mixed signal circuits but IP providers are missing opportunities through long lead times by resorting to a complete redesign to supply products in new processes.  Migration technology reduces delivery times from months to weeks while maintaining design structure and performance.

"We have been migrating analog and mixed signal circuits for nearly fifteen years," commented Regan, "so even if though the US location is new, the underlying technology has been proven through hundreds of circuits and dozens of processes".

IN2FAB can be contacted on (207) 523 3414.

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