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Full Chip Migration

The migration of analog and mixed signal chips gives fabless companies and IDMs the opportunity to find second sources of their products or reduce maufacturing costs by moving to a new process or foundry.  The difficulty of recreating circuits in a new process means that most companies fail to take advantage of the opportunities offered by alternative manufacturing and miss out on opportunties to revitalise products and reduce costs.

Full chip migration can be completed using a GDSII file and a netlist or from a full Cadence database.  Active and passive components are mapped to the new process and complex components including radio inductors, I/O and ESD are converted to the new proces requirements.  OSIRIS technology delivers a flexible and structured approach which brings automation to the majority of the circuit and still allows detailed editing of critical areas of the circuit.

Whether for cost reduction, second source or to replace a current foundry, transferring a chip with OSIRIS migration technology can move complete products between foundries and processes.

The Challenge of Full Chip Migration

Moving older chips between foundries can also present problems when the original design team is not available.  A lack of detailed circuit knowledge can mean engineers are reluctant to transfer the circuit to a new process for fear of harming performance or functionality.

OSIRIS is designed to make minimal changes in circuit layout to retain circuit integrity.  Automatic topology matching ensures that performance is maintained by preserving critical component and routing placement, maintaining a balance of parasitic loads.

Original RF section 
Post layout simulation using the new foundry's own models along with extracted parasitic data gives accurate performance information in the new process.    Migrated RF section 

2.4GHz cordless chip BiCMOS to SiGe migration: wireless and PLL sections

OSIRIS technology delivers flexible and structured approach which allows the design to be ported rapidly, retaining critical elements and structures while giving options to use foundry components such as I/O cells direct from the target process.  

Intermediate Frequency (IF) pre and post migration views from a wireless application

Intermediate Frequency (IF) pre and post migration views from a wireless application

Intermediate Frequency wireless circuit pre and post migration

Some sample migration projects completed using IN2FAB's OSIRIS technology:

  • Custom digital
    • 486 based microprocessor System on Chip
    • ARM7™ and ARM9™ based custom chips for various end applications and customers
    • Microcontroller based chips such as PIC and other applications
  • Analog and RF
    • xDSL chip
    • ISM single chip radio
    • 2.4GHz cordless commercial and consumer chips
    • High precision audio processor
    • Test chips for a variety of application types

Migrated x86 based application chip

Custom digital x86 application chip migrated from GDSII to new foundry process by IN2FAB


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