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IN2FAB Technology is a world leading specialist in semiconductor process migration.

Using extensive experience and unique porting technology, IN2FAB can provide tools, methodology services or a complete design porting service to migrate designs in a fraction of the time taken by any other method.

IN2FAB's OSIRIS technology has been proven with all major foundries as well as a range of custom processes from design centres and IDMs; ranging from 0.8um to 28nm and below.

Customers include major semiconductor companies, leading IP vendors and fabless design houses who have moved IP blocks and full chips between internal and commercial processes and foundries
For a design centres, IP vendors or semiconductor companies, IN2FAB has the fastest and most effective solutions to achieve design porting success and process independence.
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IN2FAB's schematic migration tools enable rapid re-use between processes and foundries
Migration Software

IN2FAB's OSIRIS migration tools are dedicated to the complex task of migrating existing circuits between process nodes and foundries.

OSIRIS controls the transfer of schematic and layout circuit elements including advanced circuit objects such as parameterised cells multi-part paths and fluid guard rings. 

Integration with the Virtuoso toolset from Cadence Design Systems means migrated designs use cells and models from foundry PDKs, ensuring full compatibility with the new process.
Methodology Services

IN2FAB has extensive experience of design migration and the key success factors and problems that are unique to migration projects.

Project methodology services help engineers and managers plan for platform level migration projects where entire families of products can be moved to new foundries or processes.

IN2AB wide experience in circuit migration enables projects to be planned and executed to presice timescales to ensure accelerated schedules with minimal costs.

IP Migration Services

IN2FAB’s IP migration services are the fastest and most efficient way to move analog and mixed signal circuits to a new foundry or process.

By combining our design tools with years of expertise, IP blocks or entire chips can be migrated to a new process or foundry in a fraction of the time taken for redesign.

IN2FAB's port on demand service has been used by some of the world's major IP and semiconductor companies to achieve true analog IP reuse.

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