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IN2FAB Migration Services


IN2FAB's design migration services are the fastest way to translate existing schematic and layout databases between processes and foundries.  Combining OSIRIS migration technology with years of experience, IN2FAB's engineers can plan, manage and execute migration of circuits in a fraction of the time taken for redesign.  IN2FAB has delivered hundreds of migrated designs in a wide range of technologies and processes from both customer and private foundries with no restriction in design size or complexity.

Migration services can be provided for both IP blocks and full chips in analog, mixed signal or custom digital technologies.  IP companies can take advantage of new licensing opportunities by making their IP available in new foundries or processes to meet customer demand while fabless companies can explore new manufacuring options or provide a second source of supply.

IN2FAB's service programs also allow for platform level migration where entire families of products are migrated to a new foundry.  This can be especially beneficial to independent device manufacturers who wish to scale down their own manufacturing capability and take advantage of the facilities offered by commercial foundries.

Port-on-Demand Model


Port on demand projects follow a three phase process that allows flexible and efficient processing and reliable delivery of ported silicon.


Design Analysis Project execution Database delivery
The design analysis study produces a detailed description of the three factors of the migration process: design data, source process and target technology.

The models and parameters for every component are highlighted verses its substitute in the target process and mapping information tables made available for review.

Details of design and other parameters are presented as part of the analysis and this provides the basis for cost and schedule parameters for the entire project.
The circuit is migrated to a pre-defined schedule by IN2FAB's engineers using OSIRIS design migration technology.

Schematics are usually processed first and made available at the outset of the project for early simulation.  Layout data is processed and verified to ensure each section of the design is DRC and LVS clean prior to delivery.

Layers, components, hierarchy and advanced complex constructs such as Virtuoso XL net information are transferred as part of the migration, giving a new layout that is ready for manufacturing.
Migration and delivery schedules are defined at the outset of the project and IN2FAB's project managers ensure on-time delivery of migrated data.
After full processing, the final database is checked through DRC and LVS verification to the decks supplied by the target foundry.

Sub-sections of the design can be delviered early on a pre-agreed schedule to allow post-layout simulation to be undertaken on the circuit's critical areas.

Final delivery contains a full database with both schematic and layout data migrated to the target process.

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