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Migration Project Methodology Services

IN2FAB's project methodology services draw on years of experience of semiconductor process migration.  Our engineering team provides a complete program of migration services, from early analysis of circuit complexity to project strategy, technology and execution.  

IN2FAB has a long and proven track record in design migration; porting IP blocks and entire chips between dozens of processes and foundries.  No matter what the challenge, IN2FAB's methodology services can provide a clear solution for any migration path along with comprehensive plans and execution.

Migration Feasibility Study

The feasibility study provides the starting point for all migration projects.  An examination of the design data in combination with the constraints of the target process provides a complete picture of the process and flow.

Study parameters include:

  • Circuit structure and hierarchy
  • Component mapping
  • Design rule comparison
  • Target die size
  • Items for review
  • Schedule and delivery dates

The IN2FAB migration feasibility study gives a comprehensive insight to the migration process, providing vital information on process compatibility at the outset of the project and delivering complete projects schedules and plans.


CDF Mapping Technology and Component Mapping

Efficient handling of component and CDF data is essential when migrating a schematic or Pcell based circuit layout.  IN2FAB's engineers use the intuitive mapping software in our OSIRIS tools to build full component and technology maps.

Project methodology teams can also customise the migration flow using optional Skill program based expansion routines enabling conversion of the most complex PDK architectures.  Once written, these become an integral part of a migration flow that deals with difficult PDK structures automatically.

Maintaining Analog Performance

OSIRIS can be used for any geometry size and can cope with widely differing foundry styles.

Schematic migration can be integrated with advanced simulators that dynamically resize components to reach optimum performance based on criteria specified by engineers.  These tools can simulate a range of inputs and environments giving full dynamic and corner simulation at the touch of a button.

Parameter changes based on these simulations can  be fed in to the layout migration flow to deliver a circuit that meets all requirements in a new process technology.

IN2FAB's engineers can work with project teams to build migration flows based on advanced simulators or work with our partner companies to deliver a fully simulated chip or IP block based on customer requirements.
VCO Migration

VCO section from a wireless device migrated between IDM processes with a geometry node change and die shrink


Design for Migration Courses

IN2FAB's specialist courses are invaluable for IP and chip designers to develop circuits that ease the migration path to  other processes.  This is a half-day course suitable for design and layout engineers who are involved in the creation of circuits and is particularly useful for designers of silicon IP.

No experience of design migration is required but a background in physical or electrical circuit design is expected.

Course topics include:

Stucturing of designs and libraries
Maintaining data integrity
Schematic design and parameters
Layout construction and Pcells
Avoiding layout constraints
Sychronising data through migration
Preparing for advanced nodes

Please contact us for further details of our migration and technology courses.

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