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Tokyo Nano Farm

Thalia Design Automation provide rapid Fast Monte Carlo analysis and design optimisation tools for analog and mixed signal IP.  Circuits migrated with IN2FAB's OSIRIS tools can be verified using Thalia's revolutionary simulation software to check, explore and enhance designs to take full advantage of a circuit's capability in new foundries or processes.

Cadence Connections

Cadence Connections™ supports and embraces third party software suppliers that offer complementary solutions in front-end design, IC implementation, mixed-signal, verification, manufacturability and System-Package-Board. Through the Cadence Connections program, software suppliers have access to Cadence software and support to enable the supplier to develop validated interfaces to Cadence products while supporting proven Cadence design flows.

Global Foundries

IN2FAB's partnership with Global Foundries allows customers to take advantage of Global Foundries' world leading manufacturing capability.  IN2FAB's rapid design migration technology can transfer IP blocks or entire chips between Global Foundries' processes or from customer foundries or IDMs.  



Wipro is the largest independent provider of R&D services in the world. Using its in house engineering teams,
Wipro provides the "Port on demand" service using IN2FAB's migration technology to deliver rapid migration of schematic and layout data to its customers.


si2Open Access

OpenAccess is a community effort to provide true interoperability, not just data exchange, among IC design tools through an open standard data API and reference database supporting that API for IC design. The OpenAccess Coalition is a neutral organization of industry leaders that are leading this effort operating under Si2 bylaws.



The Global Semiconductor Association's mission is to accelerate the growth and increase the return on invested capital of the global semiconductor industry by fostering a more effective fabless ecosystem through collaboration, integration and innovation.  To fulfill this mission, GSA will address the challenges and enable industry-wide solutions within the supply chain, including intellectual property (IP), electronic design automation (EDA)/design, wafer manufacturing, test and packaging.


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