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Port on Demand Services

IN2FAB's port on demand services is the fastest way to port a design to a new foundry or process. Using  patented migration technology, our experienced design engineers can migrate schematic and layout data in a fraction of the time taken by re-design or other migration solutions.

IN2FAB has a long and proven track record in design migration; porting IP blocks and entire chips between a wide variety of processes and foundries.  No matter what the challenge, IN2FAB's migration services can provide the solution.

All of our circuit migration projects follow a tried and tested process that is designed to manage the process and deliver migrated silicon fast.  A dedicated project manager will control the migration process from start to finish, ensuring efficient data transfer and delivery on schedule.

Schematic Migration

Migrated schematics for the complete circuit hierarchy are usually completed and delivered in a few days, processed and ready for full simulation. The new database will contain circuit elements from the target PDK with all parameters converted and mapped as appropriate.

Passive components are defined by key values rather than simple widths and lengths to ensure resistors and capacitors meet specifications, not just physical values.

Physical differences in component sizes and construction are also handled automatically including full re-wiring in cases where pins have moved and where new pins are added or old ones removed.  The hierarchy, wiring and circuit construction of the migrated database are an exact match for the original design and the match all of the requirements for circuit simulation and evaluation tools.

Layout Migration

IN2FAB's engineering team has extensive experience in the complex task of moving circuit layout from one process or foundry to another.

Designs are migrated at the PDK level, ensuring the new circuit meets foundry specifications for all components and the migrated layout is "correct by construction" for the new foundry's specifications.

Layers, components, hierarchy and even complex constructs such as Virtuoso XL net information are transferred as part of the migration, giving a new layout that can be further customised using the most advanced design tools in the industry.

All layout is verified to be DRC and LVS clean prior to delivery to the target foundry's verification decks, including DFM if required.

Schedule and Delivery

IN2FAB's circuit migration services are the fastest way to move schematic and layout to a new process or foundry. From initial engagement to delivered circuit, migration can achieve huge time and cost savings for a wide range of chips and IP blocks.

Designs are delivered DRC & LVS clean for the target foundry, ready for final siimulation and tuning.  

Whatever your requirements, IN2FAB's port on demand services can move your circuit fast.  Contact us to find out more.




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