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OSIRIS Schematic Tool Features

OSIRIS has been developed to migrate circuits between processes using PDKs from any vendor or technology. Here are some of the features that make OSIRIS the most powerful schematic migration tool available.

Fast Hierarchical Migration

OSIRIS migration can process single cells, defined hierarchy or an entire design in a single pass.  Reference libraries can be mapped witin the flow to ensure the entire design is udpated to use symbols and standard cells from the new process.
Scaling and Grid Enforcement

New PDKs can sometimes feature larger symbols or differing database units which must be resolved during the migration process.  OSIRIS can add user-defined scale and grid factors during the migration to enforce the constraints of the new PDK.
Automatic Symbol Offset

Osiris automatically recognises offsets between source and target symbols and adjusts the symbol's location to align correctly with circuit wiring.  Offsets between primitive components and standard cell libraries are resolved without the need for any user calculations; saving users from potentially entering offset information for hundreds of components.
Automatic Pin Rewiring

Changes in smbol size and pin location betweek PDKs can mean that symbol pins no longer align with wiring.  This is detected during the migration process and wires reconnected, even when the old and new symbols have a big difference in size or pins have moved in the symbol.
Short location and rewiring

Extra pins on new components can short to existing wires, changing connectivity and damaging the circuit's integrity. OSIRIS locates these shorts during the migration process and routes wires around them automatically.  
Redundant Wire Removal

New symbols can have fewer pins than the original PDK, leading to unconnected wires in the new schematic.  OSIRIS finds and removes redundant wires as part of the migration process, leaving schematics free of open wire warnings.
Flow customisation

OSIRIS allows full flow customisation using the Skill™ programming language within the Cadence toolset. Optional extension routines allow users to fine-tune their migration flow to manage complex circuit elements or adapt to special requirements.

OSIRIS extension routines are automatically called as part of the migration process, translating the circuit hierarchy in a single pass.

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