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IN2FAB and Thalia Deliver Rapid Design Migration and Verification

Thalia design Automation

IN2FAB Technology has joined Thalia Design Automation to deliver integrated migration, centering and optimization for analog circuits.  

Rapid porting of legacy circuits has become essential to companies wishing to make use of their portfolio of analog and mixed signal IP.  IN2FAB's industry leading schematic migration tools allow designers automate the migration of their IP to new foundries or processes and use their existing simulation flow to verify the data.

Thalia's revolutionary Fast Monte Carlo analysis software delivers rapid checksing of parameters across a full range of parameters and corners.  The Amalia optimisation suite allows designers to explore different circuit capabilities and enhance their circuit through preferences such as high performance, low power and high yield.

By employing an automated reuse strategy, companies can test their IP in new nodes and processes to take advanted of new opportunites without commiting resources to a full redesign.  IN2FAB's schematic migration tools simplify porting to a new process design kit through intuitive graphical tools where they can be verified or enhanced with Thalia's simulation technology.  Combining the two products delivers a rapid product migration capability for the entire silicon IP ecosystem.

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